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I recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Business Administration at Texas State University. I have always had an interest in content writing and designing print and digital media. Combined with my ability to excel in challenges that require tremendous creative skill, I found this degree plan gave me all of the tools that I need to be a well-rounded professional in my field.

I first discovered that I had a love for web design during the fall semester of my senior year at Texas State University while taking a Web Design and Publishing course. I believe it's very rare that someone is able to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their life, especially in their early 20s. I remember, it was the night before my first major project in the course was due. We were tasked with creating a simple HTML portfolio website. I had been performing fairly well up to that point in the class and thoroughly enjoyed all of the new concepts that I had learned so far. However, I hit a wall when it came time to upload my completed files to my server.

My problem was this: in class, we used Mac computers, while at home, I had a Windows-based laptop. And just my luck, the FTP program that we used in class, was not available for Windows and the FileZilla plugin for FireFox did not work either. While some may have quit then and there, I am not one to give up without trying my absolute best in figuring out a solution. In the end, I figured out how to create my own FTP server using the Windows File Explorer. There were many times after this incident that I would stay up until 3 a.m. trying to find solutions to the problems I faced with creating my websites for the class and I would actually be happy and enthusiastic about it and had such a sense of joy and accomplishment when I was able to solve my problem. I knew then, that this is what I am supposed to do. Web design is my future.

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  • Web Design


  • Twitter Bootstrap Framework

  • Wordpress CMS

  • Graphic Design

  • Drawing/Sketching

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Content Writing

  • Copy Editing

  • Photography

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Keyword & SEO Research

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